Betoota Bitter

The Diamantina’s Greatest Export: Betoota Bitter


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A story of beer, history and journalism.

The Beer.

There once was a time when Betoota Bitter was brewed in the Diamantina Shire and was the most popular beer in all of the Back Country. Our clean, sessionable lager was famous for its thirst-crushing and mate-making qualities.

So we had to bring it back.

The iconic Betoota Bitter lyrebird badge

In 2015, The Betoota Advocate decided to revive Betoota Bitter and restore the memory of what was once Western Queensland’s Favourite Beer. It didn’t happen overnight - but using the knowledge of some southern master brewers and the memory of those who knew the taste of the original, our town’s famous desert quencher has been faithfully recreated and is now being enjoying by a new generation of Australians.

Betoota Bitter is a reliable lager that hundreds of pubs, clubs and restaurants around the country put their faith into pleasing any beer drinker that walks through their doors.

The Story.

Betoota is a small town on the fringe of the Simpson Desert, way down in the far south-west corner of Queensland. It’s roughly a thousand kilometres due west of Brisbane and is large enough to support three football codes and two McDonald’s family restaurants.

Despite the fact that it’s shrinking as fast as any other rural hub, Betoota has everything it needs. But for everything it has, there’s always been something missing – ever since our town’s biggest employer, Betoota United Brewers, shut up shop.

Our town did once have an actual brewery – but like a lot of rural industries, it was crushed by drought and tariffs. Our pride and joy. Our silver can of cold bitter ale was canned one last time.

Much like Adelaide, the town is on the brink of dying ever since. However, thanks to these hardworking brewers down in Sydney, the story of Betoota Bitter won’t die with it.

The Taste.

Influenced by the early European classic Lagers our Lager has been created to reflect The Australian Style of Lager. The finish is soft, crisp and clean.

4.5% ABV


If you would like to enquire about getting our town’s beer to your local, please contact our Sales Manager, Seb - [email protected] – and we’ll send you a keg and or cans if they take your fancy!