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While there is much to be said for the greyhounds running out the front of the school cross country group, a better story has emerged from the back of the Betoota Ponds High pack today.

In a touching display of camaraderie, a group of 14-year-old girls have decided to walk the whole endurance event together.

While the fit and fast people in their year decided to leg it out the front, in a trademark example of childhood fitness where you can just run 5ks at the drop of a hat off no training – Sally, Emma and Pri plodded along out the back enjoying a nice autumn stroll.

The lovely display of friendship is one similar to schools all around the country, where school kids reach the age where they realise they don’t have to try as hard as they physically can in all of these events – particularly if they can build strength in numbers.

“Haha cross country’s so lame,” laughed the ringleader of the group Emma, who convinced the other girls to join her on her crazy idea.

“I can’t believe we actually did it though,” laughed Sally, the most nerdy of the group.

The trio yet to experience any of the joys of boy dramas, hugged it out as they crossed the line, with a few choice words to the disappointed old PE teacher who just can’t understand why people don’t give a 100% to this relatively pointless physical activity.

“Well done girls,” he says as they all giggle.

“Hope you are proud of yourselves.”

It’s believed the girls have promised to walk the whole thing again next year but are unaware they’ll be joined by a couple of boys for the next lap around the cross country track.


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