Although 36,875 Australians are currently stranded overseas due to COVID-19, that number is on track to go down to 36,870 thanks to the help of one very crafty family.

The family of five wishes to remain anonymous, but state they have been stuck in Canada for long enough to witness the changing of the seasons. 

“It’s like Scott Morrsion doesn’t care about us just because we didn’t vote for him,” stated the mother of three.

“He can’t know that, can he?”

But for this family, their time overseas has come to an end as they successfully board a flight down under, cleverly disguised as International Students.

“Careful with my bag, that’s real Supreme,” stated the eldest son as he passed through airport security.

In an Argo-esque heist, the family then proceeded to take their seats on the plane while never taking their eyes off iPads they pretended to use as phones.

Other passengers report the family stayed in character the entire trip, with the dad loudly bragging about how his dad will get him a job at his medical tech firm as soon as he graduates.


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