A local dog has today patiently waited until his owner was sound asleep to launch an investigation into every nook and cranny of the bedroom.

It’s alleged the loveable lab had been somewhat of a menace that night already, having incurred a random case of the zoomies at roughly 11 pm.

Now, it appears as though Oscar has decided that 1 am is prime time for exploring his owner’s bedroom, which involves making sure the click-clack of his overgrown nails can be heard echoing around the room. 

This, of course, partners well with the sound of snuffles, snorts and the occasional licking break, which together, creates a cacophony of annoying sounds. 

Nosing around a bunch of damp towels tossed on a chair, Oscar launches into a series of sneezes before trotting off around the room again to look for something noisier he can annoy his owner with.

More to come.


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