A local dipshit has left his mates shaking their heads this afternoon, it can be confirmed.

Dale Pooley has done so after turning up at his rapidly loudening table of mates with a very weird round of drinks.

“Aha get around it,” he says to a his friends who are looking on with confusion at what the fuck he’s just purchased at the bar.

“They’re good,” he continues in regards to the weird non-schooner glasses filled with a weird kind of liquid.

“Red Bullets”

After his weird name for the weird drinks fails to garner any nods of recognition, the big fella decides to unveil the secret recipe.

“Reschs and Red Bull,” laughs Pooley to the audible groans of his mates.

“Nah try em, you won’t regret it,” says the man who bought a pack of cigarillos on a night out a few months ago for some reason.

With the light barbs turning into full-blown roasting as to why he always has to do these things, the local enigma laughs before telling everyone to give a rest and get back to enjoying their evening.


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