The world of journalism has gone into overdrive at the moment after the revelation that Old City District based product designer Cory Kibble (34) does not need alcohol to have fun.

An office worker for over 10 years, it has been long known that Kibble doesn’t need alcohol to have fun, a personal fact he shares as readily as if it’s the fact sharing segment of a Zoom chat no one wants to be on. 

Colleagues of Kibble state that work drinks are generally not complete until a light beer drinking Kibble announces loudly to the room that he doesn’t ever need alcohol to have fun because he does things like exercise in his spare time.

But that does not mean Kibble is as penchant free as he claims to be.

Last Saturday, during a session where Kibble did not need to have alcohol to have fun but had heaps of both anyway, Kibble sent a series of messages to his dealer and received no response.

Friends of Kibble at the scene state that from that point on he was no longer his complete fun loving self and become a bit on edge.

“It’s fine just leave it,” stated Kibble while he checked his encrypted messaging app every 5 minutes.

“Can you ask your guy?” he asked, pretending to joke.

When Kibble’s friends told him they didn’t have any, and their guy wasn’t responding, Kibble instead elected to keep alluding to it for the next few hours before leaving in a sombre mood.


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