Local besties Eliza Woodward and Jeanine Toddle are not on speaking terms as a result of some boy troubles, it’s reported.

It’s alleged that Jeanine had been going on about ‘Jason’ for months and that the relationship had been pretty inconsistent and one-sided. When he wasn’t replying to her within the acceptable hour bracket or making excuses as to why he couldn’t see her, Jeanine would find herself in yet another tizzy and on the verge of an anxious breakdown. 

However, given that he continually exerted the lowest amount of effort to keep Jeanine on the hook, she’d convinced herself that he was interested and just ‘not the kind of guy who shows his feelings.’ 

Eliza had reportedly gone along with the charade for a few months but reached breaking point when Jeanine had called her one night in tears. When Eliza had delivered the fatal blow that maybe, just maybe, Jason wasn’t that keen on her, Jeanine had turned all the frustration she’d been withholding from Jason and unleashed it on Eliza.

“You don’t understand Eliza, just because David treated you like shit doesn’t mean ALL BOYS ARE LIKE THAT.’

“He does like me, he’s just really busy and he’s not the type of guy to initiate anything okay?”

“He wants an open relationship and I’m 100% okay with that. He says it’s just sex and he won’t form an emotional connection with anyone else, so FUCK OFF!”

The cold war between the two reportedly lasted a couple of weeks and had been able to withstand even the hardest of temptations –  such as finding a meme they wanted to tag each other in. But when Eliza heard a juicy piece of gossip about a girl they both mutually hated, she immediately called a ceasefire to reunite over a shared hatred.

“I know we’re not talking but Katherine Hart just got arrested for public indecency LOL.”

“What a piece of shit.”

More to come.


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