The Australian Government has today chalked up a historic achievement.

They have somehow published a weirder educational video than the Stoner Sloth campaign.

Nearly 5 years after the NSW Government unleashed the Stoner Sloth, their federal counterparts have finally, somehow, created something even more concerning and cringe-inducing than the famous anti-marijuana video series.

The new pinnacle of strange preachy Christian shit that makes people feel uncomfortable comes in the form of a new Good Society Campaign, which apparently aims to help teach teenagers about healthy sexual relationships – through milkshakes, taco and swimming analogies.

The campaign was born off the back of the current discussion about sexual assault in Australian society, and somehow expects to teach teenage kids how to engage in safe sexual relationships without using any of the words like sex.

One of the more uncomfortable videos features a weird smearing of milkshake, which experts have said muddles up and confuses the whole consent debate.

“It’s fucking crook,” said one PE teacher from Betoota Heights High this morning.

“It’s extremely uncomfortable viewing and all the kids are just laughing at it.”

“The Stoner sloth weed stuff was very weird, and this is even weird and more detached.”

“I’ve never heard anyone ask to touch someone’s butt, and now they are all yelling it out during the schoolyard relentlessly after watching that stupid video.”

“Jesus, how hard would it have been for them to talk to some experts and make something that doesn’t treat hormone fuelled kids like 60-year-old Christian mums who don’t talk about sex or use any of the language associated with it.”

“Kids aren’t stupid. Go and look at the shit they’ve all seen on their phones, I think they’ll be alright with someone explaining consent in regards to sex in a clear and concise manner that doesn’t involved strange and confusing milkshake references.”


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