As Australia mourns the violent murder of yet another woman at the hands of a former partner, the question has been posed about whether one of these submarines could help stop shit like this from happening in the future.

The latest horrific murder is the 10th gendered killing this year, and follows 55 women being killed by domestic or random violence in 2020, with the government once again remaining silent on this epidemic gripping our nation.

With nothing being said in the halls of parliament, the nation has floated the idea of this 90 billion dollar foreign-made submarine fleet intervening to protect Australian citizens from being killed.

As a result of nothing changing, critically understaffed and underfunded domestic violence services have reached out to the government to enlist the help of at least one of the 7.5 billion dollar a piece subs to try and prevent women being killed by men.

Each of the subs costs roughly 50 times the amount of money that was ‘poured’ into domestic violence services as a result of increased community concerns during the pandemic.

The sector also receives a minuscule of the funding that terrorism is, potentially because of the dog whistling political points on offer for cracking down on religious extremists, the ones who have different sounding names to our politicians of course.

2020 will be remembered as the worst recorded year for domestic violence assaults and murders in Australian history, 22 years on from the last death at sea – which occured because of an oboard fire during a peace time operation of the coast of WA.

Scott Morrison and a number of other politicians were unavailable for comment.


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