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In a touching performance of civic duty, a local woman has decided to take time out of her busy schedule to help prevent another summer of awful bushfires. 

Rochelle Hawkins (29) performed the selfless act last night on the way home from her job in the Old City District, earning the thanks of our local volunteer firefighters. 

Commuting out to her Betoota Plains residence, the local woman decided to toss her finished, but not completely finished durry out the window into the nice, dry, autumn channel country grass. 

The young lady who does something at a computer with money, in return for money, explained to The Advocate today that it was the least she could do. 

“My father in law is a volunteer in the fire service and he said that they are flat out trying to get on top of back burning, so I just thought I’d give them a hand,” she laughed about the grass fire caused by failing to bin her butt. 

“I don’t like leaving the finished ciggies in my car anyway, they stink my car up.”

“So why not give our local firies a hand with vegetation control and get rid of my still smouldering dart at the same time,” she laughed. 

“Good land management practice by me really.” 

The local fire brigade were unavailable for comment at the time of print, believed to have been out getting on top of an escalating blaze on the Betoota Plains. 

More to come. 


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