An explosive investigation has revealed there may be merit to the vicious rumour surrounding an incident that took place in dining area of the Engadine McDonalds after Cronulla’s loss to Brisbane in the 1997 Super League Grand Final.

‘The ScomOreo Mcflurry’ as it has come to be known in Sutherland Shire folklore, has long suggested that the current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison allegedly suffered a very public bout of fecal incontinence as a 28-year-old marketing executive for Australian Tourism Task Force.

The rumour has returned to surface several times over the last two decades Most notably after Morrison’s Liberal pre-selection to the Division Of Cook in 2007, after a calculated smear campaign against the Lebanese-Australian Michael Towke – who democratically won pre-selection in the ballot with 82 votes to Morrison’s 8 votes.

However, today, new revelations by Al Jazeera have provided what appears to be solid proof that Scott Morrison shat himself in the Engadine Maccas on September 20, 1997.

Cronulla local Sharryd Clayne went undercover with Al Jazeera as part of a three-year investigation into the ScomOreo McFlurry Incident.

The results of the investigation spawned a documentary called How To Hide A Corn Massacre, exposing Morrison’s efforts to silence local constituents who were there on the day.

Al Jazeera employed Jarryd Clayne to wear a hidden camera for several years while posing as a teenage Drive-Thru operator at Engadine McDonalds.

Video footage from the documentary shows clear admissions to the incident from staff that were there on the day

“It was a mess, mate” says Toby Cleft (35), the now manager of the nearby Kirrawee Maccas, who was a teenage employee at the time of the incident, which allegedly happened in the hours after the Super League Grand Final in 1997.

“In fact, it was almost like he’d tried to make it as messy as possible. He was wearing one of those weird Super League jerseys and khaki trousers with shit all over them”

“He told us that if we didn’t get a mop and help him, that we would be making a very powerful enemy”

“I could’ve been working for corporate by now, but he’s made sure I never leave the cash register in any McDonalds around the country. Simply because of what I saw”

It is believed this incident is what triggered the decision by Tourism Australia to relocate Morrison the following year. In 1998, Morrison moved to New Zealand to become director of the newly created Office of Tourism and Sport.

Scott Morrison has since reverted back to vilifying Muslims in an effort to discredit Al-Jazeera’s findings.

Don’t miss Part 1 of How To Hide A Corn Massacre at 8:00pm tonight on the ABC.


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