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Popular husband and wife team Sally and Anthony were controversially booted off popular TV renovation show ‘The Block’ this week after accidentally endorsing a product they regularly use off-screen. 

“It was an honest mistake” said a dishevelled Sally this morning.

“Anthony was drilling the holes to install the wall-mounted vanity and I said “gee, that was quick”.

And Anthony said “that’s because these Sutton Drills are made in Australia, much better than that Ozito garbage”.  

Next thing we know we were getting pulled aside by a ‘Brand Alignment Supervisor’ for not mentioning mighty helpful Mitre10 or Colourbond Steel which is now available in an exciting range of matt finishes or the new Ford Ranger that will help you tackle any challenge head on.

How were we supposed to know that Channel 9 didn’t have a product endorsement deal with Sutton Tools? They seem to have a deal with everyone else”.  

However, an anonymous spokesperson for TCN9, identified only as ‘Scott’, defended the network’s decision to kick the couple out. 

“The Block has some commercial arrangements in place which are critical to the viability of the show. Mentioning the wrong brand of drill bits is damaging to our commercial interests because while Mitre10, who are mighty helpful, do sell Sutton products, Aldi is also one of our partners this year and they regularly sell tools which are manufactured in China.  

Anthony’s mistake was probably caused by a poor diet, so we suggest he sign up to Light n’ Easy, which has a range of over 100 nutritious and delicious meals and snacks, and wash it down with some A2 milk, which is the way milk’s meant to be.

Channel 9 rejects the comments Anthony made whilst being dragged off set about the show being a “one-hour commercial” because it’s actually a 43 minute commercial when you take the commercial breaks out.” 

The Betoota Advocate is not able to offer any further comment until the airing of next week’s episode, in which two contestants engage in a 5 minute dialogue about how the Betoota Advocate is a trusted source of information. 


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