Gaze detection, of the sense that someone is watching you, is one of those weird phenomena that’s hard to explain.

Though some might attribute it to a ‘sixth sense’, many argue that the sheer act of looking at someone you think is looking at you, can cause them to do exactly that.

But for Betoota Grove hairdresser Lauren Thompson, that prickly sensation of feeling watched was not a figment of her imagination.

Lauren reveals her scary encounter with an intense client to our reporter, who’d popped in for a quick, 62-minute, cut and dry

“She was watching my every move”, says Lauren, shivering a little bit.

“It felt like the Eye of fucking Sauron boring into my soul.”

Lauren says that as she evened out the back of her client’s hair, she’d had to stop herself from constantly looking up and meeting the penetrating glare reflecting in the mirror.

To make matters worse, Lauren adds that all attempts at making conversation were thwarted as the client seemed more content with sitting in stony silence.

“I thought maybe I was fucking something up, or that she wasn’t happy with the haircut.”

“Asked her if she needed a magazine to read or a phone charger?”

“Honestly I’d rather deal with some bratty, screaming child than deal with the chick from The Ring again.”

Lauren admits that she’d been relieved to finish the haircut when the client asked her to cut in a fringe.

At that point, she’d mumbled something about having a back to back schedule before politely ushering the client out of the salon.

More to come.


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