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There was a time when Michael Davey walked by a kebab shop at 9am and wondered why it was open.

“Who’d want to eat a kebab at this hour,” he’d laugh to help as he thumbed forward on this week’s How I Built This podcast.

As it turns out, the budding entrepreneur’s coworker is one of those people who walk past a kebab shop at 9am and think it’s time for a quick breakfast wedge.

Today is the first day back in the office down at Galhooley Printing in Betoota Heights and greeting him this morning at the desk opposite was a coworker of his demolishing a breakfast kebab.

“I asked him if he had a big night and he said he didn’t,” said Michael.

He spoke briefly to our reporter this morning on the phone.

“So I asked him what was in it. There was bacon and eggs, covered with a bit of cheese and shaved meat with garlic sauce,”

“He’s fucked. I haven’t missed this shit at all. It’s not the smell so much as the noise of it. Like walking in mud. I want to go back to working at home.”

More to come.


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