After a long day at work, local bloke Ryan Peterson has found himself falling into a deep YouTube hole.

It’s alleged the 27-year-old engineer had had a particularly stressful day at the office followed by a brutal gym session, which had eaten up most of his day.

By the time he’d staggered through his door at 9 pm, Ryan’s brain was overstimulated from the day’s activities and in dire need of some mindless entertainment to wind down.

Unfortunately, considering he only had a mere two hours before he was supposed to call it a night, Ryan found himself making up for lost time by desperately seeking anything to distract himself. 

It’s reported he’d started by watching Ted Talks in an effort to indulge in some ‘productive procrastination’, but soon found himself spiralling into the strange black hole of YouTube –  a collection of videos that are only ever found via recommended and not by searching.

This side of YouTube, also commonly known as the backbone for late-night viewings, is almost entirely compiled of woodchopping videos, as well as pole vaulting, building mud houses and a shit load of how-to tech videos that are more useful than most universities curriculum. 

Lying on his side as the blearing red light of his bedside alarm clocks to 3:00, Ryan finds himself clicking onto a video titled ‘Building a swimming pool behind my house’ and falls asleep to the comforting sounds of two blokes excavating a trench with basic tools.

More to come.


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