Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing has today told everyone to ‘just calm down a little bit.’

“Let’s just ease up with all the nagging aye haha,” he laughed after facing some questions this morning for why, during a ‘holiday to spend time with his wife and kids,’ he was spotted enjoying himself at the Cronulla Sharks game on Saturday with no family in sight.

“Can’t a bloke have a couple of beers without getting crucified,” laughed the Head of Marketing who for some reason still thinks the nation wants an ‘everyday bloke’ and not someone who is committed to working tirelessly as the leader of its 25 million people.

Morrison was spotted waving his scarf and enjoying a few beers pretending to like Rugby League and the Cronulla Sharks, in spite of the fact he grew up in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and went to an elite Selective School.

That occurred at the same time as the city of Melbourne, the nation’s most second populous region was dealing with its second hard lockdown, facing a very grim social, physical and economic outlook.

“Geez if I knew you’d be giving me as hard a time as the missus, I would have fricking gone aye,” explained the supposed fan of the team that got pumped by the Penrith Panthers 56-24.

“Fark, just wanted to get away from it for a bit,” said the man trying to shirk the responsibilities he was more than aware of when he signed up to the job, like plenty of fathers and husbands who seem to think they deserve free rein to do what they want on a regular basis cause they are the only ones who get stressed.


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