A local white collar father of 4 has this week gone to one of his happy places.

Not the back deck or the shed with a cold generic beer, but into the world of an action movie called Nobody, with lots of fighting, loud noises, and hyper masculine behaviour. 

And, even better, it’s an action movie about a quiet, well mannered suburban dad taking matters into his own hands and laying a bit of a beatdown on some local pests and bad guys.  

“I love this shit,” confided Graham Anderson to our reporter out the front of the HOYTS in Betoota Heights. 

“Between you and I, it gives me this sense of satisfaction, watching a bloke like me fucking give it to some loudmouthes on the bus and take matters into his own hands,” said Graham about the action thriller Nobody, which sees the guy from Better Call Saul take on some drug lord and his guys. 

“I mean, I did cadets as a young fella, and could handle myself back in the day when the stools went flying at the pub.” 

“Those were the days, but anyway, I can’t help but feel alive imagining myself unleashing on some bad guys,” he laughed as his wife rolled her eyes. 

As happy as a pig in muck, he then polished off the last of his second choc top and smiled at his sighing wife. 

“I’m gonna add this Better Call Saul fella to the likes of Liam Neeson, Denzel and Keanu,” finished Graham.


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