A local house cat has today wrapped an entire Betoota Heights family household around his little paw, by performing the cutest displays of kitty affection – the nose boop!

Leonard the tabby, is alleged to have joined the Benson family as they watched TV in the living room, where he quickly got to work being very smoochy. Kneading away at the couch cushion while he stared at the youngest, Nina, with half closed eyes of pure ecstatic bliss, Leonard’s purrs quickly drowned out the latest shock exit on Master Chef.

This of course, caused the family to excitedly gape in awe at his sheer adorableness, and anthropomorphise his snuggly behavior as a clear sign of love.

“Awwww my sweet little man! Look at him. LOOK AT THIS LITTLE TOE BEEEEANS.”


Tilting his head up to meet Nina’s face in a gentle caress, Leonards nose boop quickly sent the entire household into a blubbering, monosyllabic mess.



The frenzied madness of adoration is said to be second only to the time they found Leonard curled up in a ball sleeping with his cute little paws covering his face. That, and the sheer levels of amusement they share watching him go for his weekly demonic sprint around the house.

It’s unknown if the random bout of affection makes up for him waking them up at 3 am but it’s very likely the feline has charmed his way into a second bowl of biccies.

More to come.


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