It can be confirmed today that some journalists have taken some photos of a group of blokes having a session.

The disgraceful journalists and photographers on the scene, under instruction from their bosses, have captured ‘shocking images’ of a group of footy players getting on the sauce.

Photos emerged in the news organisations papers, peddling outrage over a group of young men who train like elite athletes for the best part of 10 months of the year letting their hair down for the annual Mad Monday celebration.

In an ironic twist, the news organisation so adamant in its defence of ‘Australian Values,’ and so invested in the war against political correctness has tried to grab headlines by snapping pictures of a group of blokes getting pissed.

Despite not committing any crimes, and not committing any of the rugby league atrocities of the game’s storied past, the Bulldogs players are now under fire for behaving relatively well on the piss.

The Editor of the Sydney tabloid Chris Simpson told The Advocate over the phone today that in this day and age you have got to do whatever it takes to sell papers.

“These guys are role models. So when they have a private function out of the public eye in order to enjoy a bit of pissy session, it’s our duty to send our photographers to a barely accessible vantage point to grab images that no kids would have seen unless we published them,” Simpson said.

“It’s our duty,” explained the editor of a paper that penned 8 opinion pieces last week about the ‘Nanny State,’ watching over and policing everyday Australians rights and freedoms.



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