39-year-old former craft beer industry digital marketing manager turned yoga instructor, Bodhi Jentrephi has an even slightly bigger smile on his face today.

It’s not just because he’s stoned, it’s not because of the new coffee Campos coffee joint that opened in the old hardware store opposite his terrace house.

And it’s not because he’s only worked three hours a day for the last fifteen years and travels to Southern Europe every July.

It’s because of the news that Latrell Mitchell has completed his first training run as a South Sydney player this morning.

Like most other Redfern residents, Bodhi has been South Sydney till he dies ever since the 2014 semi-finals – and the club’s most recent signing has really put a spring in his step.

“I always knew we’d get Trell” says Bodhi, in his weirdly contrived accent that makes him sound like he’s from Victoria.

“He’s gotta a fucken tidy left edge”

Latrell Mitchell’s move to South Sydney is by far the biggest news in rugby league football this year, after journalists from Nine and FoxSports realised they were able to actually give themselves erections by reporting things that weren’t necessarily true about the dual-premiership winner.

The 22-year-old Kangaroos and State of Origin star signed with the Rabbitohs on Monday, having been released by the Roosters over the weekend from the final year of his contract.

He’s signed a one-year deal at Redfern, with a club option in the contract for 2021. Today, his mentor Greg Inglis and new coach Wayne Bennett watched on as Mitchell donned the red training shirt and ran through his paces.

Bodhi says it was a real shame he missed out on seeing the Bunnie-O’s at training this morning, but will try and move next week’s classes around so he can go and get a good look at this new kid.

“Where do they train?” he asked our reporters.

“Redfern Oval? or like, is it at an actual stadium?”


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