Hitting another week at full pace from the comfort of her council clean up retrieved couch, Emily Simpson has revealed to The Advocate today that it’s been a big semester of university.

Knocking the top of her third cup of tea for the day, the 3rd year law student explained that she’s successfully managed to keep up the momentum from last year.

“I’ve managed to keep up my attendance record,” she laughed, streaming up another season of some random reality TV show to have as background noise as she flicks between study and social media scrolling.

“By not physically attending a single lecture,” she laughed.

Simpson explained that she actually hasn’t minded the Covid-19 enforced shutdown of Betoota University at all.

“I’m a big fan. I usually attend like one class a week and hate every minute of it. So I’m stoked to have an excuse not to physically go,” she said.

“All of the online classes are pretty cruisy, I just flick the mute button apart form the once a fortnight I need to contribute something and go about living my best life.”

“Plus, I have had a pretty handy little cash injection courtesy of the Human Resources department, so things are pretty good for me.”


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