Following last week’s cancellation of Tonightly with Tom Ballard, The ABC have this week announced a new show to fill it’s place.

The Now And Tonight, which is already colloquially being referred to as The Nowly by employees of the Harris street elite, looks to be the hottest thing on free-to-air television this year. With some even saying it might even be good as the last show with a white dude in a suit behind a desk that it replaced.

Hosted by some cunt that was on maybe NOVA a while back and you recognise from a few viral videos on Facebook that were made by his housemate’s digital media company, The Nowly is already receiving rave reviews from the same kind of people that refer to the ABC as ‘Aunty’.

This comes after an internal report by the public broadcaster from last year, that revealed a concerted push to increase the amount of content dedicated to white, left-leaning, mostly Melbourne based men cracking wisecracks behind a desk.

After being criticised for their inability to consider and engage with the diverse and cross-cultural Australian audiences, the Australian public broadcaster has done what they do best, and researched the type of shit that interests everyday Australians, that live outside Sydney’s once edgy inner-west.

“We understand we might be missing a few marks with our white female comedy duo shows, so we have decided to zone in on one format that everyone likes” says ABC content director, Wyatt Elight.

“The white-inner-city-bloke-behind-a-desk-making-elitist-jokes-TV show just works. It’s huge with the migrant communities apparently. All those jokes about coffee and conservative voters. They love it”

“But it can’t just be any white inner city leftie bloke, they also have to be fiercely aggressive in their Twitter responses to and form of criticism”

It is not yet known if the same people that worked on the Tonightly will be working on The Nowly, but it is believed that the ABC’s social media illiterate Gen-X executives will be able to exhale for at least like 11 months until they panic and cancel this show as well.


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