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From next week, if you hear an elephant trumpeting or a low-flying jumbo jet pass overhead, chances are it won’t be that – it’ll be a local apprentice butcher driving his 2007 Holden Rodeo around with a new 3-inch straight-through exhaust system.

Brady Gilmour explained his plans for the turbo-diesel workhorse to The Advocate this afternoon.

“So pretty much, I’ve been saving for this for a while but we’re basically going from the manifold back,” he started.

“Deleting the cats and the muffler. Dunno if these things have a DPF [Diesel Particle Filter] but I’m sure some window-licker reading this will leave a comment telling me if it does or not. Anyway, that’s going, too. I wanted to put the exhaust out under the sidesteps under the door but the bloke at the exhaust shop reckons the engine needs more backpressure or something like that,”

“So fair enough. The bloke reckons he can get this thing sounding real throaty with some good turbo roar, too. Mate, I’m actually so fucken pumped for this. Not since I put the CB in to abuse these fucking grey nomads that clog up country roads like the Chiko roll juice on their artery walls. Fuck me, but yeah, mate, looking forward to sending it.”

When asked if he was concerned about getting a potential defect notice placed on his ute, young Brady said he wasn’t.

“Nah, I’ve got a mate from school who’s working for his old man now over a Zetco Motors up the Ponds and he reckons he’ll just do the safety certificate inspections, hey? Like even if the cops to blow up, I can just take it up there and get it sorted. Nah, not much worrying me.”

More to come.


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