Like most blokes his age, Julian Culverhouse tended to change his Facebook profile picture once every three years and still has the same cover photo he’d used in high school.

Normally, this lack of photo opportunities wouldn’t bother him but now that he’s made the leap to dating apps, he realises he might have to step up his game.

Though he’d given a red hot crack with the three photos he had uploaded to Facebook – two of which involved him being shitfaced – Julian had little luck netting himself many swipes. He’d momentarily contemplated taking some selfies but felt like too much of a tosser and didn’t think his mates would be up for an impromptu photo session either.

Luckily for Julian, he now has a solid photo opp locked in the near future that will be able to capture him at his best – his mate’s wedding.

Considering he’s also in the groom’s party, Julian knows there’ll be plenty of photos he can crop and put on his Bumble profile – especially if he takes his blazer off at one point.

Sources later tell our reporter that Julian’s Bumble profile is now just several photos of him wearing the same blazer but that he managed to score the prized cuff link adjustment shot, which he naturally used as his primary picture.

More to come.


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