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Sydney is fighting rising floodwaters and most of that water is from torrents spilling over the top of Warragamba Dam, which is the biggest one down there and at the top of the river system in the city’s west.

That’s upset Sydney man Reece Sink, who lives in the town’s Macarthur region.

So he’s doing his part to fight the water, he says.

“This morning, I didn’t have to be in the office until noon,” he said.

“So I pulled a chair in from out the back and put it in the shower. I turned it on and stripped off – and there I sat for two-hours. The warm water rushing over my body,”

“The first hour was tough but then I thought of all the people doing it much harder than me and I just dug deep and got the job done. I must’ve gone through hundreds, if not thousands of litres of water. I think we all need to do our part in Sydney and all have a two-hour sitdown shower to stop the water rushing over the dam.”

The Advocate reached out to the New South Wales Water Minister for comment but they was out to lunch with the Cotton Farmers Union.

More to come.


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