Victoria’s loudest champions of the culture wars have this week come out swinging against the Andrews government, for what they believe to be a lack of directions in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This comes just a couple weeks after the same whingeing cunts accused the Victorian premier of wildly exaggerating the risk of Covid-19 and deliberately hampering the economic recovery with a “disturbing streak of authoritarianism”.

However, with a roaring second-wave now taking place across Melbourne, Australia’s most unhelpful media commentators and coke addict private school boys in the Victorian Liberals have suddenly forgot that they were calling their own Premier ‘Chairman Dan’ for three months.

Self-loathing TV host Joe Hildebrand was one of the more vocal in his criticism of the ‘unnecessary lock-down’ – as part of his usual tactic of taking something that is wildly agreed upon and accusing lefties of being hysterical, like he did with the data that suggested climate change is the reason that 10% of Australian bushlands burnt to the ground over Summer.

In the peak of the pandemic Hildebrand joined the elitist former Scotch College prefect Tim Smith MP, who now serves as the state member for the blue blood inner city seat of Kew, and the equally unlikable former Footy Show host Sam Newman in demanding schools and businesses re-open, without regard for the health and safety of the high-risk Australians that will now die on ventilators as a result of the second wave of infections.

As of this morning, there were 71 new cases of coronavirus recorded in Melbourne over the last 24 hours, with 46 yesterday and 41 the day before. Up to seven schools have been shut down across the state.

However, even after their unhelpful contrarian efforts to undermine the Premier’s health and safety measures have been directly linked back to yet another outbreak of the virus – these same people – some who are paid by Rupert Murdoch to peddle this misinformation for political points – are now changing their attitude towards the virus dramatically.

The new theories of how it spread seem to blame everything except their widely circulated comments that played down the seriousness of this horrible illness. Even in the face of 30% of quarantined Victorians refusing to be tested for this ‘bad flu’.

Hildebrand and that fat cunt from Kew have been quick to point the finger at those deplorable people who rallied in the street to ask police officers to stop killing black people – despite no evidence linking any community transmission at the Black Lives Matters marches.

Murdoch columnist and convicted white supremacist Andrew Bolt went as far as blaming the unwashed migrant community for the second wave, just like they spread their 3rd world religions and ideals.

Sam Newman has avoided the topic altogether and instead decided to racially vilify AFL great Nicky Winmar again, like he did when he painted his body black on prime time national television thirty years ago.


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