In some exciting news for middle aged dads right around the world, Denzel Washington is back… In a movie about a man with nothing to lose.

The new flick has not been met with much hype, as it clearly follows the same formula as all of the recent shoot ’em ups that followed his epic 2004 action thriller, Man On Fire.

Even in the trailer it appears that Denzel isn’t as emotionally invested in this film as he is to his character acting in films like Flight, Malcolm X and Training Day – and is just playing to his base by giving the boys a bit of on-screen violence that makes them feel alive.

His newest role sees him playing a man who has the moral compass to take action when he witnesses an injustice – and eventually finds himself backed into a corner where he has to kill a lot of people as violently as possible.

There does not seem to be any mention of a bank heist- which Denzel is also quite fond of – or even an incident involving a train or plane.

In the same vein as Unstoppable, 2 Guns and the Equaliser (1 and 2) – this new film is mostly about firearms being discharged and bullets being lodged into the major organs of bad guys.

The trailer shows a jaded gun-wielding PTSD-sufferer who has a unique set of both natural and acquired skills that allow him to take a motherfuckers life – or sometimes quite a few a motherfuckers at once.

It looks so good, even if you can tell Denzel doesn’t think it is.


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