As Brisbane remains in the midst of a snap three-day-lockdown, the construction industry continues to move forward as an essential service.

However, the tradesmen right across the South-East corner of Queensland far-north NSW are at the centre of media scrutiny at the moment, as contact tracers begin to map out the source of the most recent outbreak in greater Brisbane.

Health Experts have today announced that Queensland tradie who worked as a male “entertainer” at a Byron Bay hen’s party has been confirmed to have been infected with the virus.

The man is one of five new cases connected to the new cluster, which is linked to a nurse who worked at the Princess Alexandra Hospital on the night of March 23.

The man then crossed the border to perform at the hen’s party, whcih was held in the popular NSW holiday spot of Byron Bay from March 25 to 28.

Young men working in construction right across Brisbane City are today reporting that they are already growing tired of the smart arse comments from their bosses.

“That wasn’t you down there in Byron on the weekend was it? haha” every single builder in South-East Queensland is believed to have asked his apprentices today.

This cluster has has now blown out to at least seven cases and genome sequencing revealed the infections are those of the UK variant the virus.

As experts work tirelessly to track casual and close contacts of the infected carriers, apprentice tradesmen from Brisbane to the Tweed say they are sick of being accused of living double lives as secret sexy super spreaders.

“It’s not funny” says one apprentice, local 3rd-year-chippy by the name of Codey, who finally snapped at his bosses relentless banter while working on a jobsite in Norman Park today.

“Just because I’ve got a really good six-pack and a magnetic affect on women, doesn’t mean I’m working two jobs!”

“Plus even if I had it, youse’d all be fucked too”

Health experts say any construction workers who suspect their apprentices may be a sexy topless dancer in his spare time are advised to only roast them over the UHF radio – if they want to avoid potential catching the virus themselves.

Apprentices are advised to play a straight bat over the two-way if they don’t want to make it worse for themselves.



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