Local toddler Lucy Raynor is now at that delightful age where she’s suddenly aware of the power she holds.

Of course, like many other two-year-olds, Lucy delights in playing to her audience and reaping the easy love one only gets when they’re young and cute. Much like an exceptionally attractive adult, being a toddler means that simply walking (or crawling) into a room results in an endless stream of attention and praise, which Lucy is always more than happy to prolong with her adorable toddler antics.

However, this awareness has also culminated in Lucy basing some of her behaviour on adult’s reactions, which can sometimes result in some unneeded waterworks.

It’s alleged the toddler had been playfully tossing building blocks across the lawn when she’d gently stumbled over and landed on a soft patch of grass. Though the fall resulted in her landing in the natural equivalent of a pillow, Lucy had coolly stopped to glance up at her mother, who’d immediately leapt to action.

“Ohhh, sweetie! Come heeerrre! Mama will kiss it!”

As exclamations of concern begin to erupt from nearby adults, Lucy took it as her cue to break into some theatrical hysterics despite there being absolutely nothing wrong with her.

More to come.


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