A local woman has today had her usual slew of unwanted sexual advances upgraded from verbal to physical after setting up an office from the comforts of her living room.

Sarah Robertson, 26, tells our reporter that though she was grateful to have the option to work from home, she’d naively thought the new environment would give her a break from the prying eyes of an overly keen coworker. 

Sarah reveals that her position as a ‘Big Six’ legal firm junior lawyers often meant that she’d had to grin and bear it when a higher-up felt the need to appraise the length of her pencil skirt or tell her that the coral hue she’d chosen as a lipstick that day, really made her lips pop.

Her new job placement was supposed to be a reprieve from the constant barrage of loaded compliments, but a slightly amused Sarah admits that although her husband’s constant handsy behaviour can be annoying, it’s a lot more welcome than the lewd comments from middle-aged men.

“I never knew just how fucking annoying my husband is”, says Sarah, shaking her head, “or just how goddamn messy he can be.”

“But at the same time, it’s kind of hot seeing how assertive he is on the phone. It’s kind of disorienting. Like how is the bloke that tells his clients to ‘schedule it in and we’ll revisit it later’, the same guy who sulks when I don’t let him be the little spoon?”

More to come.


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