There’s nothing quite like wearing a boys shirt or jumper, and any girl with a partner will tell you that one of the biggest benefits of having a boyfriend is access to another wardrobe.

If it’s not stealing the occasional jumper, it’s also beanies, socks, gym shorts and the holy grail, the humble hoodie.

Local woman, Tessa Simpson is a testament to this, as she often finds herself wearing her boyfriend Alex’s more than her own. Something that Alex finds a little bit annoying but could never be mad about, as he finds the long-sleeved white shirt and no pants combo quite hot.

Unfortunately for Tessa, her favourite stolen oversized T-shirt has started to fit a little bit snugly – and not because she’s used the dryer too much or that her boyfriend has the build of Machine Gun Kelly. Though it doesn’t necessarily do much for body confidence dating someone who has smaller thighs than you do.

She could have tricked herself into thinking the shirt had somehow gotten magically smaller but it’s alleged her favourite pair of loose fit mum jeans are now starting to fit like skinnys, resulting in the two-factor authentication needed to embark on that health kick she’s been avoiding.

More to come. 


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