A large group of partygoers have unknowingly entered a space in kickons time continuum known as the ‘dnm zone’ or ‘some strangers kitchen’, as it’s commonly known.

It’s alleged the group of ravers had been chatting about times they’d gotten on the gear when the light-hearted talk was interrupted by a mysterious looking bloke no one could recognise.

Standing at the edge of the kitchen and thoughtfully stroking his beard, the stranger had copped some furtive looks at first but had begrudgingly gotten their attention the more he talked, which may or may not have anything to do with the amount of pingers everyone was on.

Talking in an oddly rhythmic cadence, the bloke had begun to take on the form of a modern day Socrates as partygoers stopped to listen to his 6 am musings.

“We’re all just running on a mouse wheel dude.”

“Chasing clouds, no one’s really happy cos we all have to keep hitting that goal. You finally made $100,000 a year? Well, now you won’t be happy until you hit $200k.”

“Everyone’s perpetually unsatisfied.”

“It’s fucked up. Even Leonardo Dicaprio isn’t happy.”

“Probably sick of banging supermodels. Cos what’s next, how much further can you go when you’ve had everything?”

“I reckon that’s why celebrities are into weird sex rings. Something different to do, you know?”

“Even heaven would be batshit boring after a while, you’d need a reset button or something.”

“I don’t know, I reckon I’m fine with just disappearing into nothing.”

More to come.


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