As the fallout out from the latest Karen behavior continues to spread far and wide, one local retail employee has admitted that it has started to affect her behaviour.

22-year-old physiotherapist graduate Ashley Sims who is currently working in retail because there’s not a whole lot of jobs going in her industry at this current time said that for good or for bad, she’s started to notice a serious behavioural change in her day to do day life.

“It’s probably bad to say, but I can’t stop profiling the Karen’s who come into my work,” said the young woman working on a casual basis at an older themed retail store in Betoota Heights called Hillers.

Karen’s are a large group of entitled middle-aged, often white women, who demand to use their privilege to gain preferential treatment from people they see as their lessers.

“As soon as they walk in I’m on edge,” explained Sims.

“I immediately make eye contact with my manager, or ascertain her whereabouts in the store.”

“And if I see the two-tone in the hair, I just send the security guard an alert to let them know to be in the vicinity.”

“I hate profiling and I think it’s appalling, but I just can’t help it with these old women who come in here to blow off steam.”


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