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A local surfer is sticking it to the man this morning after showing up to his day job, rather than chucking a sickie to surf the solid six-foot southerly swell rolling into Betoota’s Point Break – a rare occurrence that only happens once every ten years.

Blake Stokenson has taken revenge on his cafe employer by not doing any of the work he’s been assigned, a pointless but empowering fuck you to the man.

It’s believed that Blake is taking the situation particularly poorly because all of his friends are out ‘getting barrelled’ while he’s stuck at his job, which in itself is a sore point for him.

“It’s fucked, bro”

“Not only are they paying me out for missing out on the surf, but they’re gettin’ into me about having a job!”

Poor Blake was unfortunate enough to be forced into getting a job by his mum, who it’s believed was sick of him living in their Betoota Grove house rent free.

“I even asked my boss if I could have the day off to surf, he said no”

“So, to teach him a lesson I’m just not doing any work today, that’ll show him”

“I refuse to make a single coffee”

 The Advocate can confirm that Blake’s rebellion against basic societal constructs is not boding too well with his employer, who said that Blake is already on thin ice.

“He’s bloody useless. It’s not like him refusing to do work today is different to any other day, usually he just sits there on his phone watching surfing videos, so nothing gets done anyway.”

More to come.


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