A local regional dad has today shown an uncharacteristically tender side to his personality after his youngest daughter Katie made an effort with her appearance for the first time.

Phil Gordon [48] had just finished spraying the yard when he’d ventured indoors for a bottle of VB and settle in for the news. Unbeknownst to him, Katie was just on her way out to have a first date with a local boy and was looking a lot more groomed than usual – something of which was readily noted by Phil.

Though Phil was a man of few words, choosing mostly to communicate via a series of grunts and the occasional ‘no shit’, he was able to muster up a few words of encouragement for his daughter. Which in regional dad language, was the equivalent of saying ‘you look beautiful dear.’

“You scrub up all right.”

“Definitely didn’t get my genes.”

“Better get the shotgun out haha.”

Despite the moment being ruined moments later when Phil found out the reason behind his daughter’s new look, Katie welcomed being spoken words other than ‘can you get me a beer?’ for a change.

More to come.


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