Audrey Portsea (44) has had enough of these cis white male bullies that make up Australian media.

And one by one she’s getting rid of them.

First, it was Alan Jones. Sacked.

Then it was Andrew Bolt, not sacked, but often muffled by his employers – especially when he starts openly defending pedophiles.

Last week she turned her attention to that awful TV host who often makes racial gaffes. With great success.

Yesterday at 4.15 PM Eddie McGuire stood down as the president of Collingwood – after 22 years.

As a journalist, radio presenter, TV host, businessman, a friend to the rich and powerful – McGuire was the last untouchable media aristocrat.

But yesterday he went down.

“I never thought I’d see the day” says Audrey, as she pops open the Chardonnay.

“I didn’t mind him when he hosted ROVE on Channel 10 – ‘say hit to your mum for me’ was one of my favourite lines”

“But he’s grown to be quite a bigot over the years”

“He was not fit to be the president of a rugby club”

“That man was a bully, a racist, a misogynist. He had to go”

“And shame on St Kilda for not acting sooner



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