Driving down a one-way street in the wrong direction is completely fine, so long as your car is facing the right way – it has been confirmed by a recent industrial report by the National Roads and Motorists’ Association.

Australian motorists should be able to get away with driving anywhere between 100 and 200 metres, but only if their car is in reverse.

The report was commissioned in 2014 by former NRMA chairman and former Manly Sea Eagles coach Mr Geoff Toovey, and has taken 7 years to compile the necessary research required to figure out if there is any clear violations of road rules in state or territories.

One-way streets where not the only form of thoroughfares included in the study, but were the found to be the only type of bitumen where this sort of caution-to-the-wind freestyle driving is allowed.

There was some discrepancies between state legislations over whether or not it is okay to be reversing at high speed in an effort to make your way out of a shopping mall or bike lane – but it’s generally accepted in one-way streets right across the nation.

The overall conclusion is that if a driver is able to make it look like they’ve accidentally turned down the wrong street, they should be fine to reverse as far as they want in the wrong direction until they find a side street to turn into – preferably at speed.

Either that, or until they come across another car which is travelling the correct way down the street – at which point the reversing motorist should panic and make life hard for everyone.


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