Overnight, thousands turned out for a vigil to remember the victims of the 1997 Engadine Maccas Incident and, as one speaker put it, to “mourn the minimum wage employees tasked with cleaning up the mess.” 

The vigil was organised by local community members who are calling for the government to officially recognise the young staff working at the Sutherland Shire family restaurant on the fateful evening of September 20, 1997.

This follows an explosive investigation by Qatari public broadcaster Al Jazeera, which has revealed there may be merit to the vicious rumour surrounding an incident that took place in dining area of the Engadine McDonalds after Cronulla’s loss to Brisbane in the inaugural Super League Grand Final Grand Final.

“We come here to honour the victims” says Engadine local and spokesperson from CECFJ (Concerned Engadine Citizens For Justice).

“Most notably, young Jonathan. A 14-year-old kitchenhand who was sent to clean up the mess without gloves”

“Others helped. But he was the youngest”

“He works in the mines now and is apparently doing alright. But we want the government to acknowledge what he went through that day”

‘The Engadine Maccas Incident’ as it has come to be known in Sutherland Shire folklore, has long suggested that the current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison allegedly suffered a very public bout of fecal incontinence as a 28-year-old marketing executive for Australian Tourism Task Force.

The rumour has returned to surface several times over the last two decades Most notably after Morrison’s Liberal pre-selection to the Division Of Cook in 2007, after a calculated smear campaign against the Lebanese-Australian Michael Towke – who democratically won pre-selection in the ballot with 82 votes to Morrison’s 8 votes.

However, last night, the ifs and buts were set aside as local community members gathered to remember those at the centre of this alleged incident.

Another former employee who was there on the day in question spoke bravely about the incident.

Bianca was 16 at the time of the incident, and says she’s never forgotten the raw stench.

“They told me I’ll need to go get the mop from out back” she said between sobs.

“All because (sic) HE had left the scene without cleaning IT up”

“I don’t any money. I don’t want anything from you. I only want it to be acknowledged. What we went through that day”

“It was messy. And the smell still haunts me to this day”


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