A team of app developers in Betoota Heights have just fast-tracked the seed funding required for their new trading app, ‘Musk watch.’

The app, spearheaded by the influence of Elon Musk’s tweets on the stock and crypto market, carefully crawls Twitter for tweets from high profile celebrity figures that may contain keywords that can cause a surge in market action. Aside from Elon, the app can also be set to monitor tweets from Donald Trump, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezos.

Speaking to two of the key developers, our reporter learns more about this revolutionary new app.

“It was the first time a mate presented an app idea to us that wasn’t completely shit”, says head developer, Rachel Scott.

“Our app will crawl the ASX or chosen crypto platform using keywords from tweets and automatically invest a chosen amount.”

“Like sure, you can set up a Twitter alert and do a similar thing but you probably won’t get in fast enough.”

“As soon as people are talking about it, it’s too late.”

When asked if they were concerned about being inadvertently involved in what could potentially be Musk’s pump and dump, Rachel says they’re just creating AI that’s inevitable anyway.’

“The internet has completely revolutionized the way people trade”, says Rachel, “it’s now something anyone can do from home, which comes with its own set of merits and risks.”

“But it’s especially concerning with people who have a large social media following. If all it takes is a simple tweet to get people buying into stock, you can see how this can be leveraged dangerously.”

Rachel’s co-developer, Liam Bryant, agrees that if they hadn’t patented the app, someone else would have anyway.

“The world’s going full AI anyway dude.”

“Freaking Warner Brothers even bought an AI project management system to greenlight movies that have the right formulations of a box office hit.”

“Which is great if you love predictable, poorly written action flicks starring the Rock.”

“As Charles Darwin said, adapt or die.”

More to come.


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